A bird’s eye view on the Provincewide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH)

14 May

By Aida B. Cabauatan

In pursuit of its main thrusts and programs, the Provincial Government in partnership with the Department of Health, imparts another “health for all” program geared towards ensuring the welfare of Cagayanos— the Provincewide Investment Plan for Health or PIPH.

The PIPH is a medium term development plan that serves as the key instrument in building the DOH-LGU partnership, in collaboration with international development partners and other local stakeholders, to attain the health sector reform goals.  This serves as a vehicle for implementing and consolidating support for health reforms to achieve health sector goals such as Service Delivery, Health Care Financing, Health Regulation and Governance, through DOH-LGU partnership representing all interests, activities, investments of stakeholders for health in a Province-Wide Health System (PWHS).

The expansion of the implementation of the Health Sector Reform Agenda of the DOH, set the creation of the PIPH program for the local government (which includes the province of Cagayan). This plan seeks to transform the health goals into reality. The health goals, which are considered the four reform pillars was used as the implementing framework to institute reforms in the nationwide health service.

It was in 2006 when former Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III had a conference with the Governors from different provinces for the implementation of the PIPH. The legal basis of LGU & DOH to implement this is the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) entered between the LGU represented by the Provincial Governor and the DOH represented by the Secretary of Health.  It is guided by DOH Administrative Order No. 2007-0034 that sets the policy and operational framework for PIPH development.

The PIPH program for the province of Cagayan started when Governor Alvaro T. Antonio issued an Executive Order, which authorized the creation of the Provincial Implementing Cooperating Team (PICT) and its Technical Working Group will initiate the PIPH in the province.

After the signing of the Executive Order, a district level orientation of stakeholders on F1 was done in the province.   The orientation was participated in by Local Chief Executives, Municipal Health Officers, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, Budget Officers, Chiefs of Hospital, Chief Nurse, Administrative Officers and Public Health Nurses.   A Training of Trainors followed, where key personnel from the PHO, PPDO, Budget Officer, AMHOP officers, Hospital Chiefs, DOH Representatives and NGO partners were trained to prepare them in the development of Municipal Investment Plan for Health and Provincewide Investment Plan.

Simultaneously, the members of the PICT were also given orientation on the F1 and the importance of the PIPH.   This is to ensure their full cooperation by attending and participating in PIPH activities.

After the preparation of the Municipal Investment Plan for Health (MIPH), the PHO consolidated it for the Provincewide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH). The formulation of PIPH is not that easy, it is tedious.  Workshops were conducted to review and evaluate the contents of PIPH.  The programs, projects and activities identified have to be within the scope of the Annual Operational Plan of the Province.  The said plan covers a five-year duration.

The PIPH was indeed engineered to serve as a vehicle to trek new paths in providing the best health benefits for the people. It is intended to implement critical health interventions.  These interventions are coupled with the main goals of achieving better health outcomes: a more responsive health system and equitable health care financing.

More updates on the Cagayan PIPH in the next issue…

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