Gaggayam Nac Cagayan revives Cagayan’s indigenous games

18 Jul

Contestants compete in the cadang-cadang and tug-of-war during the Gaggayam Nac Cagayan.

By Vanessa B. Ramos

Interesting and challenging games were played by students from elementary and secondary schools in the province in the 2012 Gaggayam nac Cagayan on June 26, 2012 at Cagayan Sports Complex.

Gaggayam nac Cagayan featured Cagayan’s indigenous games commonly played by children with the use of native materials or instruments. Among these games are cadang-cadang race, hampas- palayok, sipa, yoyo, and tug-of-war. These traditional Filipino games were played in the streets and have been regular and popular pastimes of children.

Provincial Administrator Engr. Tito A. Perlas Jr. said that playing the actual game was one of the strategies to revive and promote indigenous games. “The Provincial Government of Cagayan supports these kinds of activities in its effort to preserve and impart to the Cagayano children the importance of indigenous games. Children of today stopped playing these games because of the western sports activities. Let us encourage them to play Pinoy games to help preserve arts and culture in the province,” Perlas added.

Meanwhile, participants were clustered into two divisions – Cagayan Division and Tuguegarao City Division. Cagayan division was composed of Alcala East Elementary School, Lasam East, Solana North, Solana West, Licerio Antiporda National High School, Allacapan Vocational High School, Penablanca National High School, Don Severino National High School Solana. Tuguegarao City division was composed of Libag Elementary School, Cataggamman Elementary School, Annafunan Elementary School, Carig Elementary School, Pallua Elementary School, Capatan Elementary School, Linao Elementary School, Cagayan National High School, Cataggamman National High School, Gosi National High School.

Winners from the said competition were the following:

Cadang-cadang race (male) – 1st place – Alcala East Central School; 2nd place – Solana; 3rd place- Lasam East District.
Cadang-cadang race (female) – 1st place – Alcala East Central School; 2nd place -Lasam District; 3rd place – Cataggamman Elementary School.
Hampas-palayok – 1st place – John Lester Tamaray, Carig Elementary School; 2nd place – Jensen Gera, Annafunan Elementary School; 3rd place – Alexander Lazaro, Alcala East Central School.
Sipa – 1st place – Jake Paul Macaraniag, Capatan Elementary School; 2nd place – Cristopher Pacion, Pallua Elementary School; 3rd place – Jesus Barcilliano, Pinupok Elementary School, Alcala.
Yoyo – 1st place – Rejoice Maggay, Penablanca National High School; Angelica Pagandot, Licerio Antiporda National High School.
Tug-of-War (male) – 1st place – Licerio Antiporda National High School; 2nd place – Don Severino National High School, Solana.
Tug-of-War (female) – 1st place – Cataggamman National High School; Licerio Antiporda National High School; Cagayan National High School; Penablanca National High School.

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