11th Cagayan Dog Show A day for every dog

02 Aug

A pet owner and his dog receive their award during the dog show.

By Aida B. Cabauatan

Various pet owners all over the province joined their dogs in the recently held Dog Show last June 24, 2012 at the CNHS Gym.  The said activity was led by the Provincial Veterinary Office as one of the activities of the 429th Aggao Nac Cagayan celebration.

Provincial Veterinarian, Dr. Jaime A. Guillermo said that this undertaking had been institutionalized and started as part of Aggao’s celebration ten years ago. “Yearly, this activity draws hundreds of pet owners with their family members enjoying the day together,” Dr. Guillermo added.

Dogs of various breeds took part in the said event.  In small pure breed category, there were 59 participants; large pure breed with 28 participants; mixed breed with 29 participants and native breed with 11 participants. Out of the number of participants from the different breed categories, three (3) were chosen as the Best in Show Dog.  Some also joined the fashion show, where the dogs paraded with their formal wear, casual wear and sports wear.

Aside from the best in show awards from the different breed category, minor awards were also given such as: Pinaka-Astig, Pinaka-Cute, Pinaka-Japorms, Best Groomed Dog, Pet-Owner-Extreme-Alike, Pet-Owner-Look-Alike, Dog Tricks/Obedience, Best in Show and Asong Cagayano. Cash prizes, trophies and pet products were given to lucky winners. Pet products were also given to non-winners as consolation prize.

This year’s theme “Responsableng Amo, Matinong Aso”, encourages every  Cagayano to be responsible pet owners as the dog is said to be man’s bestfriend.

The following are the winners in the different categories:

Small Purebreed Category:
1st – Gilton Licas – Toffie – 3k
2nd – Lito Luna – Kim – 2k
3rd – Alma Pimentel – Ong – 1k

Large Purebreed Category:
1st  – Ann Mercado – Hugo – 3k
2nd – Ian Paul Canapi – Caddy – 2k
3rd – Dennis Pagulayan – Holga -1k

Mixed Breed Category:
1st  – Jerome Taeza – Miggy – 3k
2nd – Angelica Lim – Ginger – 2k
3rd – Danica Soriano – Sky – 1k

Native Breed Category:
1st – Melzie Joy Fuertes – Teddy – 3k
2nd – Sanny Baliga – Tisoy – 2k
3rd – Ronalyn Ricardo – Miggy – 1k

Fashion Show Category:
Casual Wear:
1st – Maria RasylIloy – Pompom – 1,500
2nd – Stewart Ong – Star – 1k
3rd – Joan Lorenzo – Eusandra – 500
Formal Wear:
1st – Michael Vincent Carag – Misha – 1,500
2nd – Pau Melad – Mini – 1k
3rd – Emil Iringan – Beauty – 500
Sports Wear:
1st – Susan Dumaraos – Bingo – 1,500
2nd – Jonalyn Zinampan – Poker – 1k
3rd – Stewart Ong – Star – 500
1. Jaypee Dela Cruz – Askalo – 500
2. Benjamin Baybayun – Supah – 500

Pinaka-astig – Ian Liban – Gadhafi – 500
Pinaka-japorms – Alma Pimentel – Ong – 500
Pinaka-CUTE – Stewart Ong – Poker – 500
Look-Alike – Christine Iloy – Sparkle – 500
Extreme-Alike – Susan Dumaraos – Coach – 500
Best Groomed – Gilton Licas – Toffie – 500
Best in Show – Ann Mercado – Hugo – 1,000
Asong Cagayano – Melzie Joy Fuertes – Teddy – 1,000

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