Provincial Assessor’s Office geared on revenue generation

05 Feb

By: Jesusa S. Avena

The Provincial Assessor’s Office of Cagayan is geared to increase revenue for the Provincial Government of Cagayan through proper accounting and inventory of all real properties provincewide.

According to Provincial Assessor Rhodora S. Enaman, their office performs appraisal, assessment and declarations for taxation purposes, and the enforcement of payment of real property taxes, Special Education Fund (SEF), Transfer Taxes and Secretary’s Fees.

On December 2012, the Provincial Assessor’s Office processed 180 Transfer of Tax Declarations of Real Property Units (RPUs) wherein the Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) collected the total amount of P277,899.08. A total amount of  P46,498.94 were collected from the payment of the 49 RPU’s that underwent revision of realty.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Assessor’s Office  declared 20 RPUs and a collection of P4,191.14  by way of real property taxes while the amount of P328,589.16 was collected from the Basic and Special Education Fund Taxes by the PTO .

Aside from these, a total amount of P151,621.31 was collected for processing of tax transfers, P6,100.00 for certification fees of 122 true copies of tax declarations issued to property owners and other interested parties. The amount of P4,000.00 was collected from the certificates of property holdings which were requested by clients and indicated in the RPUs. For the annotated bail bonds, the amount of P800.00 was collected and P300.00 for the annotated mortgages was collected. Verification and research of 117 real property units were conducted on December 2012 and had enforced the collection of P11,700.00 as service fee rendered by the Provincial Assessor’s Office.

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