New Aggao Nac Cagayan theme and logo symbolize Cagayano culture and pride

25 Jun


By Mielmia Marie T. Baquiran

The Provincial Government of Cagayan (PGC) is set to celebrate the 430th founding anniversary of the civil government of the province of Cagayan on June 26-30, 2013. The event, popularly known to Cagayanos as the “Aggao Nac Cagayan” is among the awaited events of the year. It features various activities that depict the rich heritage and culture of Cagayanos.

Like past celebrations, this year’s affair will feature a theme and a logo that highlight the best offerings of the province.

This year’s theme Cagayan, davvun a kakastan nyakan (Cagayan, a land of beauty) is a line from the Cagayan hymn in Ybanag version. According to Edna T. Junio, Chairperson of the Steering Committee, Aggao Nac Cagayan 2013, the committee decided on a brief, catchy and inspiring theme. “This year, we came up with a simple, yet striking theme that aims to catch the attention of Cagayanos and tourists as well. Every Cagayano knows the first line of the Cagayan hymn. When we sing the Cagayan hymn, we show our respect, love and pride to our dear hometown, which we know as the land of smiling beauty. Thus, the theme takes on a more personal touch. It aims to still pride and love of our beloved province in every Cagayano,” Junio said.

Meanwhile, the logo of this year’s Aggao Nac Cagayan celebration also highlights Cagayan’s pride. The logo has an image of Our Lady of Piat, a Roman Catholic icon that has been embraced by many Catholic devotees not only in the province but also in other parts of the country and in the world. Our Lady of Piat is known among Cagayanos as “Yena Tam Ngamin” or “Mother of All.” The miraculous lady continues to gain love and devotion among people and is considered as one of Cagayan’s pride.

The gardenia flower, or popularly known as “rosal” is Cagayan’s provincial flower. It is a white creamy flower that resembles a white rose. It has a powerful, sweet fragrance. This year’s logo has a symbol of the provincial flower. This simple, yet striking flower depicts the simplicity of Cagayan and the many beautiful things that it offers. Symbolizing beauty, purity and peace, rosal also represents the beautiful and good hearts of Cagayanos.

On the other hand, the blue waves in the logo represent the mighty Cagayan River. Cagayan River or popularly known before among the Spaniards as the El Rio Grande de Cagayan is among the rivers in the world that etched history. Not only is the river the longest one in the Philippines. It also contributed to the lives of people in Cagayan Valley, particularly to the Ibanags (derived from the native word bannag, which means river) who first settled along the riverbanks. The early lives of the Ibanags revolved around the mighty Cagayan River. They made their life along the gatag (riverbank) and built their early communities around it. History pointed that the Cagayan River was an indispensable resource in the life of early Cagayanos. Two years ago, the Aggao Nac Cagayan celebration carried the theme “Fiesta ta Bannag” as a tribute to the river that made history in the province.

A symbol of sun and its rays are also included in the logo as symbols of new hope and brighter days for the province. “With the steadfast governance of Governor Alvaro T. Antonio and his strong and unwavering commitment to progress, through his 10-K agenda, Cagayan continues to rise as one of the country’s most progressive provinces. This is hope and optimism at its best,” Junio said.

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