BM Viloria requests investigation on the use of national roads within the province

25 Sep

By: Emelyne Tarrangco-Mappala

Board Member Vilmer V. Viloria of the 2nd district of Cagayan requested the Provincial Board to conduct investigation on the proper use of our national roads within the province during his privilege speech at the 6th Regular Session on August 28, 2013 held at the SP Session Hall, Capitol Hills, Tuguegarao City.

According to BM Viloria, the national highways within our region have functional weighing scales set by the Department of Public Ways and Highways (DPWH). He made mention of one in the municipality of Claveria and another one in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. He said that a notice was also posted informing motorists that beginning June 1, 2013, all trucks coming in and out of the region must be weighed in. “Vehicles that do not pass the required weighing scale set by the DPWH are not allowed to pass by the national highways.  Are there policies set by the DPWH on the proper dispositions of these disallowed vehicles? An investigation must be made on this to clarify issues on this matter,” he said to other members of the SP.

BM Viloria also said that he gathered some information and found out that our national highways have a life span of 40 years for vehicles weighing 40 tons only.  There are 22-wheeler trucks or the triple axled vehicles that carry more than the required weight but still pass through our national highways. “The primary reason why our national highways do not reach its life span as prescribed the DPWH is that we allow this to happen. A proper investigation must be done on this,” he added.

Furthermore, BM Viloria reiterated that the weighing scales in national highways were already installed for quite a period of time, but until now no allegedly overloaded trucks were caught by DPWH.  Therefore, he requested the body to conduct an investigation through proper legislative action.

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