Message of the Governor to Batch 2014

27 Mar
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The moment has come and each one of you waited for this to happen…and it did!

My dear graduates, I join your parents and teachers in congratulating you for achieving a new milestone in your life. Finally, you have reaped the fruits of your labor – your hard-earned diploma.
Graduation is not the end of a book, but just finishing a chapter of it. It is not a time to relax rather it is a time for preparation and soul-searching. It is not the end of the journey rather it is the beginning of a new and more exciting phase in life.

Among the challenges that you will face from this day onwards are the various responsibilities you have to bear as young citizens of the society. Being the future leaders of this country, so much are expected of you. Thus, this year’s graduation theme, “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino” bespeaks of the resiliency of the Filipino and greatly manifests the courage and strength of the Cagayano.

This time in your life is a great way to thank everyone who helped you reached this day. Thank your parents for their undying support, your teachers for their patience and dedication, your classmates for sharing friendship with them and most importantly thank God for making all of these possible.

Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues and in whatever path you would like to take, I hope that your dreams will continue to flourish. Like you, I have experienced burning the midnight oil to reach my dreams with patience, diligence and humility. I know the hardships that one has to overcome and I feel every joy, pain and triumph.

Therefore, I challenge you to take the lead in making a difference in the society. No matter how hard, no matter what challenges may be and no matter how many storms will come into your life, carry the strength of your character and have a loving and triumphant heart. You can help a lot in ushering progress and development by contributing your talents, skills and time in your respective communities. These contributions from you, no matter how small, will reap bountiful fruits for you and for the province.

Savor this day! Celebrate with your family and friends for you deserved it!

Congratulations Batch 2014!


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