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  1. Regina Urdas

    March 14, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Dear Gobyerno ti Umili staff,

    I hope my letter finds you well.

    I am Regina Marie T. Urdas, I am a bonafide resident of Brgy. Centro, Santa Ana, Cagayan Valley. I am currently a graduating student under Bachelor of Science in International Relations major in Diplomacy, in Lyceum of the Philippines University.

    I would like to inform your honorable, that I was chosen to attend the 6th World Youth Congress to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the 4th to 13th of June 2012.

    The goal of the World Youth Congress is to find new answers and develop new policies, around the central Congress on the question: “What is the most effective role that youth can play in sustainability?”.

    The World Youth Congress will focus on themes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development also known as ‘Rio+20’ & ‘Earth Summit 2012’, particularly : “Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication” and “The institutional framework for sustainable development”.

    Without further delay, I would like to ask your honorable, to please help me send this letter to Governor Antonio, for any possible assistance, endorsement or sponsorship from his good office. I am currently raising funds for my roundtrip ticket before the confirmation date, which is on 6 April 2012. I hope to raise 80,000php before the said deadline.

    Educating the underprivileged ones is my passion. I consider myself lucky for having the chance to go to a good school and hence acquire a great quality of education. However, I believe that I also have to have the moral obligation to help push for sustainable practices where the future Filipino Youths, especially our Indigenous Peoples will not have to suffer food insecurity anymore- achieving food sovereignty by sharing to them the right knowledge in protecting and preserving our natural endowments.

    The practical experience, awareness, confidence, and skills I will gain from the 6th World Youth Congress will be very helpful in my advocacy to call for a collaborative government where we should move from participation to negotiation, and include Indigenous Peoples as powerful stakeholders.

    I believe that the Youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so I plan to learn very well in the 6th WYC so I could educate and empower my fellow youths, particularly the Cagayanos, on the basis of sustainable development.

    I wanted to attach herewith the Appeal for Support from the organizers, and my curriculum vitae, but I do not know how. I hope you could help me present my letter to Hon. Governor Antonio.

    I am hoping for a positive response on this request.

    For further information, please do contact me at 09062218211, or

    Thank You!

    Respectfully yours,
    Regina Marie T. Urdas


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